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EP20: What's Next in Digital Wizardry and Automation w/ Jon Lo What's Next In … with Phil & Liora

June 14. Technology is moving so fast that you no longer need to be a computer scientist and hardcore coder to use and create new digital tools. This week we chat with Jon Lo, a Forbes Top 30 Under 30 in Social Impact, about software as a service (SaaS) technology, automation, and the future of work. 
  1. EP20: What's Next in Digital Wizardry and Automation w/ Jon Lo
  2. EP19: What's Next In Behavioural Science w/ David Fanner
  3. EP18: What's Next In the Magical Microbiome w/ Masha Taguer
  4. EP17: What's Next In Experimentation w/ Lawrence Quan
  5. SPECIAL: What's Next In Phil Running for Office
  6. EP16: What's Next In Nursing on the Front Lines w/ Mitch Stewart
  7. EP15: What's Next In Working Internationally w/ Laura Kreiling
  8. EP14: What's Next In Life Beyond a PhD w/ Val Chiykowski
  9. EP13: What's Next In Human-Centered Design w/ Nicole Cacal
  10. EP12: Season Finale & Reflections on starting the show


Phil De Luna is a carbontech innovator working towards a just and sustainable future • Forbes Top 30 Under 30

Liora Raitblat is a digital coach passionate about helping people embrace change and innovation • TEDx Speaker

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