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EP 29: What's Next In Doomscrolling What's Next In … with Phil & Liora

 A global pandemic, global warming, and potentially a global war. With the pressures of the world bearing down on our psyches everyday, Liora and Phil discuss ways to break the habit of doomscrolling, the benefits and dangers of the wellness economy, and what's next in managing our stresses in an ever-shifting world. 
  1. EP 29: What's Next In Doomscrolling
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  4. EP 26: What's Next In Great Resignations
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  9. EP21: What's Next In The Challenge Mindset w/ JP Michel
  10. EP20: What's Next in Digital Wizardry and Automation w/ Jon Lo


Phil De Luna is a carbontech innovator working towards a just and sustainable future • Forbes Top 30 Under 30

Liora Raitblat is a digital coach passionate about helping people embrace change and innovation • TEDx Speaker

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